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Multilinguality in Wikidata

May 17, 2018

Talk, UPM, Madrid, Spain

Presentation of my work as part of my visit of the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM).

A Glimpse into Babel - An Analysis of Multilinguality in Wikidata

November 20, 2017

Talk, Wikimedia Research Showcase,

Multilinguality is an important topic for knowledge bases, especially Wikidata, that was build to serve the multilingual requirements of an international community. Its labels are the way for humans to interact with the data. In this talk, we explore the state of languages in Wikidata as of now, especially in regard to its ontology, and the relationship to Wikipedia. Furthermore, we set the multilinguality of Wikidata in the context of the real world by comparing it to the distribution of native speakers. We find an existing language maldistribution, which is less urgent in the ontology, and promising results for future improvements. An outlook on how users interact with languages on Wikidata is given.

Languages in Wikidata

October 29, 2017

Talk, WikidataCon, Berlin, Germany

Wikidata has the ability to serve the needs of many language communities and could change the way computers interact with language online completely - that all depends on the community though.

Increasing access to free and open knowledge for speakers of underserved languages on Wikipedia

October 28, 2017

Talk, WikidataCon, Berlin, Germany

ArticlePlaceholder is a MediaWiki extension, that pulls information from Wikidata to small language Wikipedias, in case there’s a Wikidata item but no Wikipedia article yet. That enables small language Wikipedias to serve a lot more information to many more users. I would like to give an introduction to the topic and discuss with the audience what needs to be improved to make editors and communities aware of the advantages this extension can have and what to improve to meet the needs.

Ladies That FOSS

November 03, 2016


On the last Sunday of October 2016 a group of curious and inspired people got together at Wikimedia Deutschland in Berlin for Ladies That FOSS; an open source hack event aimed primarily at women who want to join a free and open source software (FOSS) project but don’t know where to start. Source Code Berlin was there to listen and observe, a unique experience that we’re excited to share with you in podcast form. So sit back, press play, and listen to participants talking about what they’re passionate about in the world of software and programming as well as their experience and wishes when it comes to the gender gap in the tech industry.

Digital Language Inequality

February 25, 2016


In an era where digital spaces are essential to almost every area of our lives, one thing that many of us take for granted is the simple but essential ability to type and read in our own native languages. Yet at this moment and since the very beginning of the boom of the internet for all things work and play, there are millions upon millions of people whose languages are not part of this equation.

Increasing access to free and open knowledge for speakers of underserved languages on Wikipedia

January 31, 2016

Conference proceedings talk, FOSDEM, Los Angeles, CA

One of the biggest barriers for accessing knowledge on the Internet is language. We tend to provide information in one or at most a few languages, which makes it hard for speakers of all the other languages to access that same information. This is also an issue on Wikipedia, a project widely and internationally used by all kind of people. But there are many topics that are only covered in few languages on Wikipedia. People who don’t speak any of these don’t have access to all the information available potentially vital to them. This is a huge issue we need to address.

Wikidata Introduction

January 16, 2016

Talk, Wikimedia Meetup, New York City, New York City, USA

Introduction to Wikidata for Wikimedia contributer

What to do with all this open data?

December 04, 2015

Talk, EnthusiastiCon, Berlin, Germany

There is so much you can do with open data! Lucie Kaffee shows three totally different projects she worked on over the last months. Learn about:

  • “Tree Of Life” build with the data of Wikidata
  • “Markets-Berlin Project” based on data from Berlin Open Data
  • “Phones Don’s Grow on Trees Project” Lucie puts special emphasis on the different possibilities we have with open data, the different sources data can come from and the struggles and advantages is has when we use data from different sources.

Wikimedia APIs

October 23, 2015

Talk, Wikimedia Game Jam, Berlin, Germany

Comprehensive overview how to access data of the Wikimedia projects via APIs.

Wikidata’s SPARQL introduction

May 22, 2015

Talk, Wikimedia Hackathon, Lyon, France

Introduction to the new SPARQL endpoint of Wikidata and how to write simple queries.