Increasing access to free and open knowledge for speakers of underserved languages on Wikipedia


ArticlePlaceholder is a MediaWiki extension, that pulls information from Wikidata to small language Wikipedias, in case there’s a Wikidata item but no Wikipedia article yet. That enables small language Wikipedias to serve a lot more information to many more users. I would like to give an introduction to the topic and discuss with the audience what needs to be improved to make editors and communities aware of the advantages this extension can have and what to improve to meet the needs.

###What will attendees take away from this session?

  • What is the ArticlePlaceholder?
  • How can we support under-served Wikipedias with structured data?
  • How can Wikidata’s data be used in Wikipedia?
  • Give an input to the ArticlePlaceholder.

###Slides or further information