WikidataCon 2017 (Berlin)

1 minute read


The first time ever, Wikidata’s community had its own conference. Everyone interested, contributing to, working or researching on Wikidata gathered in Berlin to watch presentations, talk, and discuss the knowledge base.

For me personally, it was a great opportunity to meet old and new friends and exchange about the work I have been doing over the past year.

The participants are very diverse- from the traditional Wikipedia editor, to people getting hooked with Wikidata, over researcher and people generally interested in the Semantic Web, it was very interesting to see a few more points of view gathered at one event.

One of the highlights in this regard was a workshop by Alessandro Piscopo, who gave a platform for people to discuss thoughts and ideas towards the data reuse of Wikidata.

I was happy to see the ArticlePlaceholder mentioned a few time all over the WikidataCon, such as in the presentation of Lydia Pintscher.

Additionally, I gave an overview on the current state of the Article Placeholder, the slides can be found here:

As languages in structured data is my topic in general, I was more than happy to see the progress and work on this, as Lydia presented the FORTSCHRITT in this direction.

Finally, before the closing event, I got a chance to present my work on languages in Wikidata


Overall, I think it was great to take part in an exchange of perspectives and knowledge about Wikidata and I am looking forward to the next WikidataCon in 2019.