Wikimedia Hackathon 2018 (Barcelona, Spain)

1 minute read


The Wikimedia Hackathon is an annual event for the technical Wikimedia community to come together and hack on common projects.

It’s been the third year that I attended the hackathon, and it is one of my favourite Wikimedia events: The community works on projects for a weekend, there is always someone around to help you with a quick fix to a problem you have been working on since forever and the atmosphere is generally exciting and full of enthusiasm.

Over the time I have been attending, I can see an increase in effort to support newcomers, which I welcome. It is great to see how people engage with new contributers and encourage them to work on their own projects.

In the mix of projects and exchanging with old and new friends, there is a set of sessions on technical topics, increasingly Wikidata related. This is a very exciting part to me as I am able to keep up with the new developments.

One of those new, exciting developments is lexicographical data for Wikidata.

Adding linguistic information to Wikidata is intuitive, and it is great to see the first steps in that direction. This makes the hackathon very exciting; actually being able to discuss those topics in person.

I am looking forward to next year in Prague!